Custom Auto Paint

Custom Automotive Paint & Color Matching

Lentz Auto Body offers automotive paint services with custom color matching like no other. Whether your vehicle has undergone repairs or is in its final stages of automotive restoration services, a brand new coat of paint is oftentimes a sign of the final stages before your vehicle will be ready for delivery.

We proudly utilize environmentally friendly, low VOC, PPG waterborne paint. Our full line of PPG automotive paint and refinishing products will give your vehicle the fresh look it so desperately needs that will stand the test of time.

Not only do we provide full standard automotive paint services, we offer custom automotive paint finishing as well.

Our automotive paint services will provide your vehicle with an amazing appearance, protection, maintain its resale value and allow your personality to shine.

Protection – High-quality paint shields a vehicle’s body from moisture and other potential contaminants such as; bird droppings, dirt, bugs and tree sap. Moisture is especially a threat to the body of your vehicle as it can eventually lead to unsightly rust and deterioration weakening the structure of your automobile

Appearance – For most people, paint is the first thing they notice about a vehicle, whether it be the color, finish or quality. A poor quality paint job will make your vehicle look bad, while a high quality paint job will give it a striking appearance.

Value – Appearance is one of the primary factors in determining the value of a vehicle when you decide to resell. Giving your vehicle a fresh coat of paint before you sell it can speak volumes and help you obtain a better resale value.

Personality – Custom automotive paint offers you a chance to share your personality to the world every time you are behind the wheel.

For more information on our automotive paint services, contact Lentz Auto Body today!